Once More with Imagination

After one full week of daily posts, I find that I don’t really like the direction this blog is going. But that’s okay. One of the main reasons I decided to undertake this challenge was to find my voice on this topic. I had some pretty strong ideas about how I wanted it to feel, and basically it was not like this. Not so alarmist, more supportive. Not so gloomy, more optimistic. Not so reiterative, more creative. Not so literal, more literary. And I still want that.

I feel the same way about the content. Sure, I think it’s important to reference the current threats and disasters, but since I’m not a scientist or a politician, I don’t really have a lot to add to what’s already out there except my opinion. What I do have to add:

  • Specialized prepping info for single women, small space dwellers, people with health concerns, and artists (including writers, crafters, and musicians)
  • Practical ideas about what skills may save our lives, our sanity, and our souls, and how to acquire them
  • A deep love of fictional apocalypse and dystopian literature, art, and pop culture–one might even call it an obsession–and a calling to find the often very usable wisdom they contain and apply it to the challenges we are living with right now or may encounter in the future
  • A sense of humor about the past and present and optimism about the future

So, what does Willy Wonka have to do with the apocalypse? Since the day I finally decided to start this blog after dreaming it for more than 6 years, that song has been stuck in my head. Yes, it may feel out of context for an apocalypse blog, but within it is the root of what I most want to share. That by using the power of our imaginations, with the help of great literary and artistic minds, we can change our world for the better.