This Week’s Apocalypse Update

There has been a lot of good news on the US Ebola front in the last 24 hours:

  • 51 potentially exposed people have been cleared after their 21-day monitoring was completed virus free
  • NBC’s freelance cameraman  Ashoka Mukpo and Spanish nurse’s aid Teresa Romero Ramos have been declared free of the Ebola virus
  • Dallas, Texas nurse, Nina Pham has bee upgraded from fair to good condition, and the second infected nurse, Amber Vinson continues to improve
  • Two potential Ebola vaccines are now in testing
  • The CDC has announced new guidelines for healthcare workers in contact with Ebola patients

In other Ebola news:

  • A Travel Alert has been issued for parts of Ebola-affected parts of West Africa
  • Travel restrictions have also been enacted for all travelers coming to the US from countries affected by Ebola–all will be routed through one of five airports with special screening capabilities: Washington Dulles, Chicago O’Hare, JFK, Newark, and Atlanta
  • More than 260 potentially exposed people remain under observation in the US, plus 16 in Spain

Here’s hoping that the trend continues and that we can soon move on to other topics.