An Ounce of Prevention

More good news on the Ebola front: Texas nurse, Amber Vinson is free of the virus and has been release from the hospital. That leaves one remaining patient, Dr. Craig Spencer, a Doctors Without Borders volunteer, who was diagnosed in New York City last Thursday, October 23, after returning from Guinea.

Which means that all infected Americans have either caught the virus in West Africa, or while treating a patient who caught it in West Africa. But that doesn’t mean the best solution is to keep American doctors away from the danger zone. Dr. Bruce Ribner, Amber Vinson’s doctor at Emory University Hospital, believes the opposite is true.

The thing that we really have to keep in mind is that the only way that we are truly to be able to make our citizens safe is that we control the outbreak in Africa.

Dr. Bruce Ribner

And he’s not the only one. President Obama agrees.