Gathering Resources

Some days, especially days when you’re trying desperately hard not to come down with the full-blown bronchitis that is knocking at the doors of your lungs, the only prep you can manage is getting to the pharmacy or grocery store to pick up cough syrup or chicken broth. But maybe, just maybe, if you go before you get too tired you can also swing by the library on your way there and pick up a couple of books at the Friends of the Library bag day sale. Which brings me to some actual prep advice for the day:

Library sales, thrift stores, and garage sales are great places to find low cost books and videos–prep or otherwise.

Library Book Sale Finds

In this case, I basically paid 13¢ per book, which for any book would be a steal. But given that the survival book alone retails for $24.95, I’d say it was an especially good deal. Bonus: I also picked up a couple of Le Guins, plus a few others I’ll write more about tomorrow.

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