How to be a Prepper

Probably my favorite prepping blog is I love her straightforward practical, balanced approach to prep and the way she helps de-stigmatize prepping by explaining how nearly ever person preps for something in their life. Bring a snack for a long day out? You’re a prepper. Keep and extra water bottle in the car? You’re a prepper. Have a plan for where to go in a hurricane? You’re a prepper.

If you’ve been wondering about how to prep, what to prep, or why to prep, her How to be a Prepper video is a great place to start.

One thought on “How to be a Prepper”

  1. My belief is that pneppirg can range from hobby to lifestyle. For me, I currently lean toward more short-term, disruptive preparedness. I feel like home construction and the amount and type of real property one owns lends to the duration with which one can prep. If one procures ten or more acres, many of which are wooded, a well is drilled, a septic sytem is in place (common anyway), and a home is built with passive solar gain, energy efficient insulation and lighting measures, and green energy systems such as geothermal heating and solar battery power then one can prep with little more than a hobby (mini) farm. This is part of my five year plan, and I feel it is both prudent and reasonable. I have merely postponed it due to an upcoming obligatory relocation necessary for my new profession, i.e. second career. Having a secure home stocked with preparedness items, capable of lasting for a duration of the owner’s choosing, and ultimately fostering an increased ability to become self-sufficient is nothing but prudent and reasonable.

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