Pace Yourself

Yesterday I promised to tell you more about some of the great books I got yesterday, but instead, I want to talk about the importance of pacing ourselves.

When it comes to prepping there is a lot at stake–our homes, our families, our very lives. Because of that there can be an urgency to the work. A need to get it all done as quickly as we can so we can finally feel safe enough to relax. But it doesn’t really work like that. Finish the bug-out bag? It’s time to move on to the car kit. Finish the car kit and it’s time to tackle the workplace emergency kit. Keep that up at full speed and you’ll find yourself broke, exhausted, and not much closer to that ever-elusive feeling of safety.

The same is true in life. There’s always something important that needs doing, and before we know it, our lives are passing us by. Better to do a little at a time, leaving room to build a life worth fighting for.

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