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Monday Musings

Today it snowed out of the blue. When I went to work in the morning it was cold, but sunny. Somewhere before sundown the wind started whipping up. Off to the north, the clouds grew dark, though those to the south remained white and fluffy, with patches of blue still visible between.

As the sun began to set the light grew golden. The wind tossed brown leaves around like boats on a choppy sea. That’s when the snow began–corn snow, pellet snow, vermiculite snow, depending on what part of the US you come from. The part I came from had no snow except for one day when I was in sixth grade and they closed the school. Before the next day it was gone.

I wish I had taken a picture of that sky–the gold sky, shimmering beneath brooding dark. It looked like magic, all thick and sparkling, as though walking out the door I would wind up in Bonnydoon. It looked apocalyptic, as though some terrible something had blotted out the sun. My boss said, back home, her original home in Minnesota, that sky would mean tornadoes. Perhaps it really was the work that kept her late, but perhaps she was just reluctant to leave the shop without a cellar to run to.

At the end of my shift I found the sidewalks and doorways filled with snow and my car covered from head to toe, while the streets were uncovered, damp and dark as the sky. I pulled my trusty scraper/brush combo from the trunk of my hatchback and cleared the windshields, letting the engine warm as I did.

I drove slow all the way home. I could see the ice beginning to crystalize on the pavement and knew my tires where pushing bald.

Today’s prepping wins:

  • Having an extra set of gloves in the car to wear when I couldn’t find my good ones
  • Having that multi-use scraper in the trunk so I didn’t have to beg or borrow from the woman one store down
  • Having an extra scarf and other warm clothes in the car, just in case

Today’s prepping fails:

  • Losing my good gloves in the first place
  • Not buying new tires before the snow hit
  • Ignoring for weeks the recall notice on my car because I haven’t had time to get over to the dealership (or even figure out where the dealership is) to get it taken care of

Sometimes the snow sneaks up on you, but given that our first light dusting hit over a week ago, it was well past time to get the car, and especially the tires checked out. As for the wins? Sometimes procrastination is a good thing and I’m happy to have wasted the trunk space for the last 7 months so I could have what I needed today.

Small Lessons from Daily Life

Today was a long day. I worked setting up a vendor booth, came home, and then went back to the event. There were, however two notable (and relevant) moments in the day:

  • I learned that my little Chevy hatchback can carry 5 boxed professional-grade sewing machines plus one unboxed long-arm sewing machine and one unboxed portable sewing machine and still have room in the front seat for a passenger, with enough space left over for my emergency roadside bag, a first aid kit, and a few other odds and ends. Even though I did drive the car across country packed with my things, and for many years before that used it to haul cinderblocks, huge bags of compost and soil, and one time, to move 17 plants including two bare-root fruit trees, and several 5 gallon shrubs, but that was a long time ago. Knowing  the carrying capacity of one’s vehicle is a very good idea, and being reminded of just how much mine can hold makes me want to do trial bug-out runs to see how many of my most important possessions I can cram into the trunk and still have enough room in the back seat to get a good night’s sleep. Once I figure that out, I’ll create a list for the back of the door. I’ll also time how long it takes me to get everything from messy room to bags to car.
  • My gentleman friend stopped by and brought me a copy of The Disaster Diaries: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Apocalypse. Does he get me or what? I’ve already read the first three pages and look forward to reading the rest. I’ll let you know how it goes.

    The Disaster Diaries
    The Disaster Diaries