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Feature Friday: Red Sky

Lately I have been witnessing a shift in the way art is made, from DIY to what wonder tracker Jeffrey Davis calls DIT–Do It Together. Take for example recent works from photographer Cara Walton and poet Brenna Layne whose collaborative series, TempusVolat explores the question:

A photograph captures a moment, but what if those moments could speak?

The answers are both stunningly beautiful and lingeringly haunting. And this latest installment, Red Sky, their response to a request for a piece to feature in our Apocalypse Garden, is no exception. To see the rest of the series and purchase prints, visit the TempusVolat online gallery.

Red Sky
Red Sky ©Cara Walton and Brenna Layne, 2015

This is one example of DIT at its best–a creation that is more than the sum of its parts. And I can’t help but wonder, what if we brought DIT into the realm of apocalypse planning and survival, to the task of saving the world? So many preppers like to go it solo–to protect their hoards of water, weapons, and food. They feel they can do better on their own. But can we, really? I can understand the fear and scarcity thinking that might lead to this conclusion, but I have to stand on the side of safety in numbers and that together we can make a bigger impact, imagine more creative solutions,  and create more abundance than any one of us could alone.

And so, in the spirit of DIT, I offer you an invitation. Red Sky is the first new seed in our Apocalypse Garden planted by a reader. Guidelines and a call for submissions of art, poetry, stories, essays will be posted in the coming weeks.

Will you plant the next seed?