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Paradigm Shift

Lately I have been thinking a lot about one question:

What if instead of prepping for the worst, we prepared for the best?

This idea of working toward best case scenarios can flip even the most optimistic standard prepping idea on its head. Suddenly, we are creating, not reacting; embracing, not avoiding; dreaming, not fearing. Suddenly we move from the powerlessness of living at the mercy of a dangerous world to the empowerment of creating a more hospitable one. Suddenly we evolve from talks of prevention, defense, survival, to building, healing, living–from fear, to hope, maybe even to joy.

I will admit, it’s not an easy shift to make. The world can be a dangerous place. And we do need to prepare for times when the gap between our dreams and reality is wider and deeper than we can imagine a bridge to cross. For some of us, that may be most of the time. Which is why it so important to think about ways to make our lives easier, simpler, better, more manageable, safer during quieter days.

For example, instead of acting from a place of fear that says, “I could get cancer and die,” we could, knowing full well that cancer exists and is a risk, consider a variety of other responses, like:

  • What could I do to become healthier and minimize that risk?
  • What might improve my chances of recovery if I did get sick?
  • What might help make the experience of being sick less complicated and more comfortable?

Or better yet:

How can I create my healthiest, happiest, most fulfilled life?

What if, instead of focusing on disaster, we focused, in a very practical way, on that? And then consider what it will take to get us there, what hurdles we may need to overcome, what things we can do to stay on track when obstacles cross our paths.

Because there will be hurdles, obstacles, unplanned derailments, that’s what prepping is all about, but they will only one small piece of a larger puzzle not the focus of our lives or plans.

What might your best case scenario look like? How might it feel?

Blooming Cholla
Blooming Cholla


Where to Start

After yesterday’s post, you may have learned that in some way or another you are already a prepper. And owning that may make you ready to take the next step into making a plan. If that’s true, awesome, but before you head out into the world and start stocking up on canned goods and ammunition, I’d like to recommend that you stop and take a moment. Take a look around your home or office, and ask yourself a couple of questions:

  1. Why do I want to start or expand my prepping?
  2. What am I prepping for?
  3. Whose safety am I hoping to protect?
  4. Where and how do I start?

Try not to ask these questions casually or flippantly. Don’t just jot down the first thing that pops into your brain. Or rather, do, but once you have, really sit with it. There is often hidden depth behind a simple answer, and it’s the truth within those depths that will help you figure out the most important place to start.

For example, one simple answer to question number one is “so I’m ready in case of emergency,” but what emergency? Perhaps the truth behind that simple answer is that you are worried about what might happen to your daughter if an earthquake shut down power and you couldn’t refill her asthma medication. Or, maybe, when you were a kid you lived next door to a house that caught fire, and ever since you’ve been afraid of being trapped in a burning building yourself.

Giving your worries and fears space to speak is the first step in overcoming them and will give you clues about where to start. It will also help keep you motivated through the process.

Grounding yourself in what needs to be done and who you’re doing it for is the best way to make sure that you’re creating a solid plan and practice that works, and not just spending money on weak  insurance that might not pay out when you need it most.

31 Days Recap

What to say at the end of 31 days… That the experience wasn’t at all what I expected, though I don’t know what it was I did expect? That I wound up writing something other than what I wanted to write, but those unwanted words led me to know which words I do want? That what started as a bit of fun has begun to coalesce into a calling? And what does that mean going forward?

Although the tribulations of our world will always have a voice here, ongoing Ebola updates will no longer find themselves the focus. Instead of facts and fears we will concern ourselves with questions. Questions like:

  • Where has this happened before–in history, in fiction?
  • Where might this trend be taking us?
  • What might that future look like, sound like, feel like, taste like?
  • What have the great creative minds of our generations and those that came before seen in their crystal balls that might help us?
  • What might we need? What might we use? What might we discard?
  • What can we do now to prevent or prepare for it?
  • What can we do to change it?

It is only by asking questions like these that we can begin to make a difference–in our ability to survive or avoid any looming apocalypse.

I believe that no single one of us can see the big picture, but that the connected community of us can begin to piece together the puzzle. Which piece do you hold? Science? Technology? Fashion? Solace? Truth-revealing fiction? Heritage seed saving? A tasty recipe for an alternative to Soylent Green? Whatever it is, I am inviting you to share it. My job will be to create space and to ask questions. That first part I will be tackling between now and the new year. The second begins with this:

What one thing in the world right now do you consider the biggest threat to our survival–as a person, a culture, a species?

Whatever it is, sit with it. Let it rest in your mind until you begin to feel a way to transform it. One small step may be all it takes to change everything, especially if you share it. Please share it.