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Feature Friday: Enoughness

With so many stories of having to flee our planet, so much in the news that reads like those books, it’s can be hard to imagine avoiding that end. It may not be easy, but I believe it is possible.

It is time for a shift from self-sufficiency to sufficiency–#enoughness, collaboration, a new way to calculate our balance sheets.

Learn more at FirstPeoples.org. You can also check out Yes! magazine’s recent article “Bigger Than Science, Bigger Than Religion” which tells a related story from a different angle.

Feature Friday: Los Angeles is Burning

Like the Parable of the Sower, this Bad Religion video is set in a burning Los Angeles. Punk rock has long interested itself in political and social commentary–drawing attention to poverty, unemployment, corruption, hypocrisy, and questioning the status quo. Although often branded as self-destructive, violent, or anarchistic, much of the music reveals truths that many members of the establishment prefer to underplay or keep hidden.

Bad Religion: Los Angeles is Burning from Isaac Woodby on Vimeo.

Feature Friday: Postcards from Pripyat

Fictional accounts of what life might be like post-apocalypse can give us glimpses into possible futures, but today we have a real world glimpse at the aftermath of an actual catastrophic event: the Chernobyl nuclear disaster. Documentary filmmaker, Danny Cooke, used a drone to film present day Pripyat, a city just miles from Chernobyl, 28 years post-apocalypse.

Learn more about the film and Chernobyl.